Learn & Improve

“If you wish to be out front, then act as if you were behind.”

Getting to the top of your eCommerce game is one thing, staying there is another. At BranchLabs, we’re continuously learning the latest tools and trends in eCommerce and refining our process, so we can ensure our clients stay at the forefront of online sales. Just like going to the gym, your online business is always changing—getting stronger or weaker. Get stronger with BranchLabs.

A/B Testing

At BranchLabs, we validate the changes we make to your online store with A/B testing. Any new features are thoroughly vetted and validtated before deployment, and are tested against existing implementations after deployment. This means we see how the actual behavior of your visitors changes based on every major change we make, so we can measure and ensure it had the results we thought it would have.

Zeal Optics

See how we helped Zeal double year-over-year growth with a pre-Black Friday eCommerce rescue mission.

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