Gather Insights

Identify and seize valuable growth opportunities

You’ve done everything you know to do in order to optimize your eCommerce store. Now what? The digital landscape is constantly shifting, and it’s never enough to simply attend to the factors that you’re aware of to create continuous success. BranchLabs helps you constantly identify new insights and high-leverage opportunities that may not even be on your radar to ensure ongoing success.

ROI Attribution

If you’re doing eCommerce, you probably have some idea of how well your store is performing overall. You pro ably measure things like website traffic, monthly revenue, orders placed, etc. But do you know which aspects of your website are driving those metrics? Furthermore, when you make website updates, can you measure the bottom-line impact of those changes on your business in realtime.

BranchLabs can. We pride ourselves no only on our deep eCommerce expertise, but on our ability to target our work for maximum ROI and accurately measure the outcome.

User Testing

Analytics are great, but sometimes you need to know how real humans are interacting with your website, and that can’t be done with data alone. This is why BranchLabs utilizes a comprehensive suite of user testing tools and techniques. We work with real users in your target demographics and ask them to narrate their feedback while attempting to perform common website tasks. The learning and opportunities that come out of this type of research can be transformative to an online business, and take your user experience beyond just numbers.

Funnel Mapping

How useful would it be if you could go beyond your current business performance and start to visualize and predict future business? That’s the importance of funnel mapping. At any given time, you have large groups of potential customers that are at various stages of engagment with you. BeanchLabs Funnel Mapping allows you to track these groups so you know your entire community of potential customers: those who are aware of your brand, those who are considering a purchase, and those who are ready to buy. Armed with this knowledge, we help you build and grow a strong funnel to ensure a strong flow of leads and sales ongoingly.

Keyword Research

You know the words you use to describe your brand and your products, but do you know the words your customers are using to describe the same things? Are you speaking to your customers in their language? Keyword reserach is about so much more than just SEO, it’s about knowing your customers and meeting them where they are. We apply extensive keyword research techniques to know just what your customers are searching for to make sure you’re at the top of their search results. We also use keyword research to tailor your copy and messaging so you connect with your customers, not just Google.

Charlotte’s Web

See how we helped CW launch new product lines and enter into new countries, becoming an eCommerce heavyweight.

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