Case Studies

BranchLabs delivers exceptional results for exceptional clients

Optimal Outcomes from Close Collaboration

We’ve been fortunate to work closely with a host of incredible brands. We help our clients achieve continued growth through close, collaborative, long-term relationships. Read up on some of our clients’ eCommerce success stories below, then contact us to get started on your own.

Zeal Optics

How do you spend limited development time to best optimize a site? How do you do it with only two weeks to go before Black Friday? That was the question Zeal Optics asked BranchLabs.

After a full site audit, we identified the largest impact would come from improving the site’s checkout process. We ended up streamlining the checkout flow by…

  • Removing redundant form fields, reducing the amount of information customers needed to provide.
  • Identifying the “default path” that most customers took, then emphasizing that path in the design.
  • Making input elements more easy to interact with by increasing their size.
  • Improving readability of content by increasing text size, spacing, and copy.
  • Getting people through checkout more quickly by improving page load time.

The result? Astronomical year-over-year growth for Zeal Optics’ Black Friday sales—an over 250% increase from the year before.

Charlotte’s Web

CW Hemp came to us with an eCommerce presence that failed to live up to their product’s quality. After initially identifying and resolving a few major stability and SEO issues, we rolled up our sleeves to help CW realize an ambitious roadmap.

Fast forward a few months later and BranchLabs has become a key partner, helping CW launch new product lines and sell in new countries—all while improving base metrics and empowering steady, sustainable long-term growth.

Pactimo Cycling

A small company selling fine cycling apparel, Pactimo came to BranchLabs for help with their eCommerce operation. With consultative approach and broad eCommerce knowledge, we realized that Shopify was actually better suited to Pactimo’s internal operations than Magento.

We got to work doing a full site migration for this amazing business while maintaining their existing SEO rankings and delivering a drastically improved customer experience.

The result of this platform migration and user experience upgrade? A 100% increase in conversion rates, practically overnight.