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Engaging Your Most Valuable eCommerce Customers

Not every customer is created equal. Learn to identify and retain your top customers and brand advocates.

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Generate More Inbound Leads with Search Data

Search query data is one of the easiest ways to learn more about your customers. Learn to leverage answers from that data to improve your content strategy.

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Denver, Colorado Magento Developers

Good relationships and aligned incentives produce results. It’s a core part of our philosophy, and working with local Colorado companies is just one way we’re able to prove it day after day.

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Conversion Rate is Not Enough

Conversion rate does not translate directly to profit. Revenue can stay flat—or worse, decline—even after improving conversion rate. That’s why you need to focus on multiple metrics to ensure your growth is healthy.

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Make Magento faster without touching code

Speed has a huge impact on conversion rates. If misconfigured, Magento can be pretty slow. Learn how to avoid misconfigurations with our handy guide to configuring Magento for speed!

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