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Distributed between Denver and Boulder, our Magento certified developers know Magento’s 750,000 lines of code front-to-back. Carrying Magento’s certification means they rank among some of the most knowledgable in the entire world.

We love working with other Colorado companies. The most rewarding aspect of agency work is the relationship we develop with our clients. Being in the same state is a great way to kickstart that relationship.

We’ve worked with clients large and small, from hyper-focused boutique shops to stores doing over $200,000 a day in sales. We deliver the same quality code to each of our clients—code that’s implemented “The Magento Way.” Code that performs well and doesn’t get in the way during platform upgrades.

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Why BranchLabs?

Because we strongly believe good relationships and aligned incentives produce results.

Because we understand our brand depends on the results we earn for our clients.

We specialize in building, growing, and maintaining Magento stores. We collaborate with stakeholders in our client’s eCommerce businesses to understand their brand and their customers. It’s important to us that everyone on our team understands your top priorities and your roadmap. We believe that kind of high-level understanding is the only way to deliver results that consistently delight.

Our world class developers are an integral part of this process. A Magento developer is involved in every planning conversation from beginning to end. This enables us to iterate quickly on feasible ideas in meetings. It also empowers us to be proactive in coming up with impactful ideas that are 100% in line with your strategic vision.

Our communication strategy is a product of this philosophy. In addition to being available via phone and email, we set up a private chat room for each of our clients. It sounds like a small thing, but having frictionless access to everyone on our team really isn’t. We’re available for quick questions and in-depth discussions alike. We’ve found it immensely helpful for both our clients and for us. It keeps us all on the same page. It’s like having an on-call CTO whenever you need it.

If you’re based in Colorado, our collaborative process can be even more potent. In-person meetings can help align our teams on objectives even more closely. Plus, happy hour after a successful deploy is always on us. 


About Magento

Magento is a world-class, open source eCommerce platform. Between the Magento Community and Enterprise editions, there’s tons of room for the platform to grow with your store. With Magento powering almost 30% of all online stores, it’s a well-established winner. Such large market share comes with a broad range of 3rd party service and extension support. Whatever your eCommerce store needs to accomplish, it’s likely Magento can do it.

Our services

When it comes to Magento, we’re rather capable. Here are a few services we’ve provided for clients in the past.

  • User experience design
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • A/B testingCustom Magento extension development
  • 3rd party integrations with ERPs, CRMs, and ESPs
  • Bronto, EmailDirect, MailChimp/Mandrill
  • Netsuite, SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Broad Magento Enterprise and Community experience across many different version numbers
  • Multi-store/multi-language installation and configuration
  • Tweaking Magento
  • Upgrading and installing Magento
  • Improving Magento load times
  • Auditing and securing Magento against attacks
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Organizing HTML for maximum SEO value
  • Structured, semantic tagging for enhanced search results
  • Direct WordPress integration to enable robust content strategies
  • Responsive and mobile eCommerce design
  • Best practices to improve mobile conversions
  • Custom marketing and landing page development
  • Customer loyalty program implementation and integration

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